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Wow, off for maternity leave now. I am expecting anyday now, the due date being Christmas Eve of all days. No inventory for me this year. Muahahaha.
I left Caroline at the frame shop with a pretty big workload, poor thing. For some reason, this time of year we get many government jobs, certificates to be framed, awards, etc.
I must post some customer hideous artworks as soon as I develop the film (I am still in the Dark Ages and do not own a digital camera! Maybe Santa will bring me one?!?)

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Here is a picture of my framing table after just framing one (1, uno) piece! Imagine after several. It takes days to clean up, well close.

I am also known as the blade girl. I LOVE single-edge blades as they are useful for everything and anything framing, but I have a lovely habit of leaving them on tables for some other poor soul to pick up if I don't clean up after myself right away, because not only am I a slob, I like to take up lots of room!

Here are two samples of birchbark frames that I have been making over the past two years or so, and still making them. These are small. I also make 8x10 size frames too.

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Apparently the frame shop I work for runs on chocolate. We are rarely without it. Our current cache includes Hersey's milk chocolate, some Polish "dark" chocolate that the boss bought, a Trader Joe's Pound Plus 72% bar and a Lindt Excellence 85% bar.

To the customer, "no, really that brown smudge is part of the artwork. Would you like a piece of chocolate?" LOL

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Antique mirrors

We had an interesting and, now that I know more, scary occurance at the shop yesterday. I was clearing off my work table, which has been pretty unaccessable the last couple of days due to the presence of a large antique mirror from the Ritz Carlton we've had in for replacement, after moving said mirror. I spotted several tiny bright bits of metal that I assumed were filings from the cut edge of a metal moulding. Looking closer I realized I was looking at several miniscule beads of mercury. 

Showed them to the boss whose first question was whether I'd had some type of electrical switch on the table. No. After that was answered he speculated that maybe it came from the antique mirror. 

Always having to have an answer to such puzzles, I went googling this morning. Found this Mercury Alert. Oh yeah. That mercury undoubtedly came from that mirror. And now I get to go in today, and ask, "Hey Bossman, oh framer extraordinaire, gilder most perfect, appraiser without peer and restorer of some 25 years experience, oh ye who knows all, why didn't you know that prior to this century mirrors were made with a mercury-tin amalgam, that this is a safety risk, and how the hell are we supposed to dispose of this?"

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post one and all

It is embarrassing how infrequent I post in this journal, but I invite everyone to post here (double checking to make sure the settings are ok)
My co-worker and I are soon to be posting pictures of "lovely" art pieces that have been framed through the shop, ugly and otherwise.
Gordon, our Larson rep came in today with cheap discontinued mouldings for sale, who-hoo, and took down a LOAD of samples from our walls that have been discontinued, Some go waaaay back...not to be missed though. Saves us from taking them down ourselves and using them as firewood.
And their new mats? some are pretty good like the textures, for the right pieces, others seem like repeats. We are floored at what the new colors are that are in; yuck pinks, pastels...we're back to the 80's! We can't make ourselves go back there. Anyone remember though when we were in the 80's we SWORE we wouldn't wear boot/bell bottoms, even with a gun to our heads...LOL
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Our Larson Juhl rep came in yesterday to show us some samples. Larson is coming out with some nice designs. Roma too has some nice things coming up. I did have to laugh at some of the white decorative mouldings he showed us...ummmm, no thanks. We are big on framing with lots of color at our shop.
I am currently framing a metal sign from WWII Czechoslovakia. It has the name of the town in Czech and German as the Nazis put these signs up...

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ahh the joys of motherhood...a bit less time to blog in my journals. Welcome to the newest member. I promise to be more diligent!
Some background, I work as a picture framer in a small design gallery in Ottawa (the gallery does EVERYTHING you can think of,: paint consultations, reupholstering, commercial accounts as well as private, remodeling, landscape design, AND framing) along with one other framer who is new with us. Caroline is loads of fun and hilarious. We are always talking about going out for a drink sometime after work, along with the gallery's interior designer, Pamela. She is away for three weeks, lucky one. Pamela's boss is FRANTIC and beside herself, because none of us know Autocad. Customers are ringing off the hook looking for design consultations and their calls are not returned by the boss. So guess who gets recruited to pick out patterns and prints for clients? Caroline and I. Thankfully we are somewhat slow in the frame shop department right now.
Next week, an intern student will be with us for the three weeks Pamela is away. Poor thing. She came in and interviewed with the boss last week thinking she was going to be learning design elements on the job. It turns out she will be pricing fabric items, cleaning and dusting frame samples, and reorganizing mat samples; general cleaning. We'll break her in...muahahaha.
Pet peeve...when I am choosing mat and frame samples for customer artwork and the boss comes over (who is not even a framer) and in front of the customer, changes everything. She does this to Caroline as well and a few customers have gotten fed up and have left. Gone are the days when each framer has their own clique of clients. "Yes, I would like to frame something. Is so-and-so here?" Caroline and I have 20 years combined framing experience...
The boss' husband is OUR boss but alas, he is out of the shop most of the time doing renovations, painting etc. Poor man, he misses framing so much, but since the gallery expanded, he has been called out alot, wife might be the culprit. He wants nothing more than to retire to a small frame shop, probably similar to what they had when they first started.
The boss, his wife, reminds me of the whirling dervish. But she is the boss.
More later. Should be an interesting three weeks!
Just wondering, is anyone here certified? I would love to get certified and wonder how to go about it. One of the agreements when I started was to have certification. Tis was two years ago. Boss' husband too busy to certify us, as he is a certified framer himself...
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Wanted to introduce myself

Name is Tommy and I'm new to the field. I'm 28 and live in Kentucky. Just got back from Paul Cascio's course in FL and plan to start up a business of my own. I'm pretty sure I'm going small at first with a home based / coorperate account ( hopefully ) operation while keeping my current job. I look forward to it all and hope it goes well.
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